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If you are someone looking to sell your online course or actually first constructing your online course and then marketing it, you are at the right.  For all these purposes, you can choose the platform Podia because it is the best in the market and explain to you how. I have also put up some coupon codes on this website, so use them wisely.

First, let me tell you something about me to understand better why I am writing on this site. I am a professor by profession, and when I was a student, I was a lot into earning money due to some financial crisis. Since I was a nerd and didn’t know much about anything except for the books, I thought of making money from tutoring, but that didn’t work. After trying a few more things, I finally thought of putting up a course on the internet.

Putting up a course on the internet was pretty much the toughest task I’ve ever done, and this was because I did not have the correct resources. I somehow made up a course and put it up on the internet (spending some money on it), but it did not work. Then I came across Podia. This was not a website specific to online courses, but I saw some delightful options.

I surfed the website thoroughly and, in no time, knew how to make and sell my online course. I did exactly that, and in a few months, I saw a leap of buyers in my course. I raised the price after a few months, and still, buyers were increasing. I later started selling lecture videos, study material, eBooks, and a lot more with the help of Podia.

All this was to rush you through how Podia helped me make and sell my content online and make you benefit from this wonderful platform.

How Are We Special?

With Podia, you can create and sell almost all the digital products you wish to. The best thing I like about Podia is it lets you create your course or product, sell it using different techniques, and acknowledge how you can attract more and more customers. Also, many additional plugins can be added to it, making it easier for you.

My aim on this website is not to let my readers use websites that can fool you into selling the product you made. I know how hard it is to create your own course with videos, material, and everything.

Also, it is not easy, specifically for a student, to spare time for something like this. If all this hard work goes into vain if the website Is unable to sell your product, it is depressing. I do not want any of my readers to go through what I went through during my struggling days.

Podia helped me sell my course and later other products online. It can help you too. You have to be knowledgeable enough to create a course, or digital product, which can be on any subject or topic and many more.

Here on this website, you will find all the required information about Podia, including why Podia is better than other websites, pricing, several coupon codes, features, pros and cons, and many more.

All the information I have mentioned here is solely for my readers to understand the platform Podia’s importance. All this information is the best of my knowledge, and I hope you will enjoy working and earning with Podia.

More About the Author

Arron Krauss

The author of this website Arron Krauss is a Biochemistry professor and resides in Australia. Apart from teaching and researching, she likes books and surfing research papers worldwide.

She also spends a lot of time making study material and courses for students. She specifically spends more time making the courses easy to understand for the students and to guide her students towards the right path by writing on this website.

Apart from the nerdy stuff, she is a professional guitarist. She learned guitar for 7 years and loves playing it in her free time. Once, she was also part of a band with his friends. She also likes singing and playing the guitar in open mic events.